Been a while since there’s been any music up in this bitch. I’ve been meaning to write this semi-longish post all around the subject but obvious it ain’t writ so it ain’t here. I hope the video above, again cribbed from Dangerous Minds, will go some way towards redressing the balance. Life without music is like a bowling ball without a liquid centre, or something.


Caribou announced the release in April of their new album “Swim” today and released the above lead-off tune “Odessa” into the world. Main Caribou Dan Snaith is an absolute sonic master, dealing mainly in muted and worn textures. This song is somehow both awkward and hypnotic simultaneously, a subtle grower with lots of interesting little bits coming and going amid the repeated hooks galore.

To borrow palance from a certain point in UK youth culture: Choon!

note: If you know where that bowling ball line is from drop me a comment and I’ll give you a shout out of your choosing for your supreme awesomeness!