Enoyable article by Terry Pratchett (who is guest editing film/tv science fiction magazine SFX for an issue) on whether or not the recent iterations of Dr Who still count as science fiction:

People say Doctor Who is science fiction. At least people who don’t know what science fiction is, say that Doctor Who is science fiction. Star Trek approaches science fiction. The horribly titled Star Cops which ran all too briefly on the BBC in the 1980s was the genuine pure quill of science fiction, unbelievable in some aspects but nevertheless pretty much about the possible. Indeed, several of its episodes relied on the laws of physics for their effect (I’m particularly thinking of the episode “Conversations With The Dead”). It had a following, but never caught on in a big way. It was clever, and well thought out. Doctor Who on the other hand had an episode wherein people’s surplus body fat turns into little waddling creatures. I’m not sure how old you have to be to come up with an idea like that. The Doctor himself has in recent years been built up into an amalgam of Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ (I laughed my socks off during the Titanic episode when two golden angels lifted the Doctor heavenwards) and Tinkerbell. There is nothing he doesn’t know, and nothing he can’t do. He is now becoming God, given that the position is vacant. Earth is protected, we are told, and not by Torchwood, who are human and therefore not very competent. Perhaps they should start transmitting the programme on Sundays.

And then in the comments people go at the whole genre definition thing and generally come to the conclusion that it’s all fiction and as long as it’s enjoyable who cares?

On a related note Sky One have adapted another Terry Pratchett novel to TV, this time ‘going postal’, which unless I read it before I watch it will make it the first time they’ve done something I haven’t already read.

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