Counting Backwards is a new series of text-sound-performance events. It takes place on the first Thursday of alternate months at Fuel Cafe Bar in Withington. The third evening in the series takes place on Thursday 7 October 2010 with performances from Mick Beck, Stephen Emmerson andSonic Pleasure. The event also sees a special performance for the launch of Richard Barrett’sSidings, a new collection of poetry.

Start time is 7:30pm, and entry is free.

Mick Beck is an innovative instrumentalist and composer who plays tenor sax, bassoon and whistles. He is based in Sheffield. His current projects include Gated Community, a 15-piece workshop band exploring the interaction of composition and improvisation, and a number of other groups, collaborations and solo projects.

Mick has been on the free scene since 1980 has worked with musicians such as saxists J.D. Parran to Alan Wilkinson, guitarists Derek Bailey to Hugh Metcalf, percussionists Tony Buck to Steve Noble and Paul Hession, bassists Marcio Mattos to Simon Fell, pianists Chris Burn to Stephen Grew and Pat Thomas.

For more details of Mick’s activities, past, present and future see his website

Stephen Emmerson lives in the North of England and his work has appeared in Jacket, Great Works, Cake, Poetry Salzburg Review, nthposition, FREAKLUNG, SPINE, and The Red Ceilings.

He is the author of  ‘X’ The Arthur Shilling Press 2010, ‘Attack of the Gas Powered Angles’ KnivesForksandSpoons 2010, ‘Chimera’ Erbacce Press 2009 ‘Poems found at the scene of a murder’ ZimZalla (July 2010)

‘No Ideas But in Things’ By Stephen Emmerson & Chris Stephenson due out this winter.

Marie-Angélique Bueler, composer, studied at the University of Sussex and at the University of York. Her compositions have led to a whole host of orchestral performances including Dust Parade and Shiny Blues. Adding to the mix, Refry for solo accordion and Tumbling in Time, a spectacular duet for Chinese flute and Western flute, are evocative, timeless works representing only a tiny corner of her deliberations with sound.

Marie-Angelique also performs and records improvised music under the name Sonic Pleasure. When improvising she plays Bricks. BBC 4’s Woman’s Hour has been so fascinated that it has surveyed her music twice. She has worked and recorded extensively with Mick Beck, Derek Bailey, Alex Ward, Tony Bevan, Simon Fell, Lol Coxhill, Mark Browne and others. One such temporal and sonic moment was frozen as Limescale, featuring Derek Bailey (Incus Records). Her Facebook Fan page, Sonic Pleasure is at

An important part of the broad radical opposition to Islamophobia and the ConDem coalition’s offensive to bring back the welfare of the nineteenth century workhouse, Marie-Angelique lives and agitates in Levenshulme, Manchester.

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