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The Masturbation Gap

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…by tapping into the zeitgeist of a cultural shift, where concerns about privacy were becoming paramount. Masturbation, along with reading printed books–a new technology at the time–had become a symbol for the uncontrolled, uncensored private lives of individuals, including women. Such private power was felt to threaten the social order. The social keepers of the order–the politicians, aristocrats, and professional classes–hence hurried to proclaim the potential dangers embodied in this newly shamed and shameful act.

The Masturbation Gap | Psychology Today.

via Mind Hacks:

Wired Science has an exclusive interview with Ari Ne’eman, the first openly autistic White House appointee in history, who has been given a place on the National Council on Disability that advises the president on equality for disabled people.

Ne’eman is an advocate of neurodiversity, which rather than automatically seeing conditions like autism and Asperger’s syndrome as diseases to be cured, understands them as another form of human variation that should be accepted.


Come on, gizza kiss!

Researchers have pinpointed a possible cause of colony collapse disorder or CCD—aka, that thing that’s killing off all the honey bees. Neither cell phone towers, nor GM crops, nor Doctor Who aliens, the disorder seems to be the work of a virus and a fungus working together to first get the bees lost, and then slowly kill them far from their hives… Disclaimer: This could still turn out to be an incorrect theory, and we’re far from knowing how to stop or prevent the one-two punch.

via Researchers find possible cause(s) of Great Bee Death – Boing Boing.

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