Ah, twitter followers. Such fickle souls. To use a much more interesting example than what I am about to go into Guardian curmudgeon and all around amusing fellow Charlie Brooker (@charltonbrooker) recently went on a bit of a (extremely entertaining) rampage on his stream after some twat at the telegraph took objection to him referring to David Cameron (in passing) as a lizard. He inundated his twitter account with people’s observations of how David Cameron was indeed a lizard. Oh how i laughed. Apparently though, some people found it a bit tedious and stopped following him in their thousands, something Brooker recounted in his guardian column that week.

Anyway, getting back to my personal perspective on twitter. I don’t have a lot of followers. This bothered me a tiny bit so i stuck a follow me button on here, which shows how many people are indeed following me. It’s been interesting to see it fluctuate, and also to note the types of people who have begun to follow me. For example, for a little while, i was getting a lot of republican lunatics, presumably because I sometimes mention those neo-con assholes. This was very baffling and somewhat amusing. I can only assume that they didn’t follow me for long. 😉

recently, after watching my number of followers climb upwards, it has begun to go down again. This i can only put down to the fact that I haven’t been tweeting much this week. The reason for this is because I am happily engrossed in Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84. I make no apologies for this. In fact, if you want to unfollow me because I haven’t tweeted anything for a few days you can fuck right off. I really don’t care.

I started tweeting because it enabled me to point out interesting links faster than blogging them. It was easy, it was quick. It is the only reason I am on twitter at the moment. If you are so fickle that you will stop following someone because they aren’t tweeting as fast as you like you obviously have some kind of brain damage, possibly caused when you first inserted your head into your anal cavity.