Had a job. Lost a job. It was a shitty job anyway. Still, I did need the money.


I was riding the train to nextville to withdraw all my money because i’ve lost my bankcard for the second time in a month and we need to eat. I’m reading J.G. Ballard and ocassionally staring out of the window, when suddenly i take the fancy to do something writing. I whip out my oldskool handmedown blackberry and bash something out. Then I think to myself “I’m gonna record this and stick it up on Fledgling Writing!”

Later, back home, with the vestiges of my bank account in my back pocket, i hide away in my bedroom and, using an old phone which is now the house mobile (which was also a handmedown) I record the reading, bluetooth it to my laptop, convert it to an mp3 and upload it to soundcloud.

Then i write a post which is somewhat but not entirely similar to this one.

But then I listen to the recording on soundcloud. It’s full of artifacts and sounds like crap. This will not stand, so i go looking for somewhere else to host the raw mp3. But then I discover that I cannot embed it here, because facebook are dinks. Then I get the idea to stick it on youtube, but you cannot just upload an mp3 to youtube so I fire up windows movie maker, throw up a photo I took and manipulated at some point in the nearfar, add the recording and export. Then I upload it to youtube.

So, then I write a post which is somewhat but not entirely similar to this one.
And my laptop overheats.
So, here I go again, one last time. It’s called ‘having breath’ and for now it is a Fledgling Writing Wing exclusive.

Except, now it isn’t.

Here’s the internet archive page for it