George Larkins

Bazin and Object Image Ontology

Chavet Cave rendition: 30-35,000 years old

George A. Larkins


Is it possible for the image of an object to embody the essence of its nature of being?  Andren Bazin (1918-1958) poses that question by his historical survey of aesthetic and psychological developments in pre-cinematic arts. His exploration of the exquisite and distasteful within nature is rooted in the perseverance of those established arts concerned with representing the intrinsic breath of the model.  Additionally, mans psychological desire for the formal reproduction of nature and to master perspective within time and space are conjoined with this aesthetic subsistence of the image. On examining the stylistic and technological developments from the plastic arts and correlating them to cinemas early adaptations and developments, Bazin has created a foundational basis from which advanced theoretical film formulas have emerged. In revisiting the basic structure of Bazins ontological theory we may…

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