Greetings and welcome to my opinions! I’m Josh Bala and I write what I want. From my vantage point atop “Awesome Taste Mountain,” I plan to bombard you lot with lightning bolts of musical wisdom. It is imperative, I feel, to get us on the same page as quickly as possible. With that in mind, here is my musical philosophy, judge accordingly: “The Dead Boys is the greatest thing ever.” Now, while I certainly feel that this statement is self evident and requires no more explanation, I also recognize that there may be people on this earth unfamiliar with this band. Despite the fact that I’m typically far too drunk to write my own name, sacrifices must be made for the Dark Outer Gods of rock and roll journalism. And so, I am mustering the where-with-all to elaborate.

Dead Boys is a Cleveland rock and roll band. I don’t know…

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