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::::Aphasia:::: [ short film ]


::::hung like a horse:::: [ photography ]

::::it was on this very spot…:::: [ photography]

These kinds of cutesy Scots road signs are all over South Ayrshire where I live. The famous poet Robert Burns was born just up the road from me and I blame him completely. People around here are completely nuts for him. Every year, in villages and towns all over the place, they have special Burns Suppers. There’s poetry readings and haggis dismemberings. I like Burns, he had a brilliantly lyrical tongue and a great sense of humour. Also, nothing pleased him more than to get wasted and consensually defile some young wench. Thing is, some people take him far too seriously. He wrote in Scots, a dialect somewhere between middle english and ancient german, which has some awesome words in it that yearn to be said out loud.

At first I found these signs kinda cool but now they’re just annoyingly twee.

::::one more for the road:::: [ photography ]

::::cavity:::: [ photography ]

::::relic:::: [ photography ]

To whoever was up on EITHER/OR/BORED today looking at my post on the underground film ‘Pull My Daisy’ – I notice that the link to the film was broken, so i fixed it. In fact, it is now embeded on the page.

For everyone else, the post in question can be found here.

Pete Armetta

how long has it been?
how much longer to go?
i can remember a time
when it mattered

remember it vaguely

i’ve all the time in the world
to do whatever I want
instead of everything i’ve believed
that I’ve had to

all these years

do you remember when?
you would look at your watch
and stare at the clock
keeping time?

were you under some illusion
you could capture the moment
and squeeze it in your hand?

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::::gone:::: [ photography ]

::::self:portrait:::: [ photography ]

::::interval:::: [ photography ]

Woke up to find this on facebook linked by Matt Dalby. I found it a really striking and effective performance, its deconstruction of language and repeatition having somewhere between a hypnotic and broken tapeplayer kinda vibe. My advice? Play it whilst getting on with whatever you’re doing and let the rhythms and words tug you about.

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