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::::just do me in the parking lot::::



Found this parking ticket crumpled on the ground of the ASDA carpark whilst on my way to walk the dog.

::::There be Kittens:::: [ video ]

There be kittens in the house. Everybody loves kittens. Music by KAATSKILL MOUNTAINS.

A singular photograph taken with my new camera, which has now been squirreled away for my birthday. Dang.

::::3am stupid:::: [ photography ]

The shit storm is not actually made of shit. Instead it is a convergence of factors only one of which involves the weather. It is these other factors that have led me out into the eternal damp before i am even usually awake to undertake a mission to a foreign town. When i arrive i will be forced to take shelter in yonder burgerthing to drink bad coffee and wait for commerce to commence.

A storm of shit indeed.

but for a lack of planning would i be enacting my morning ritual instead of sitting on a train. When my eyes open it is to a daze. Whatever sweet phantasm had me once ensnared is vanquished in that unruly becoming of conscious thought.

the window will not open. I dressed for rain but in this carriage it is as dry as an arabs cunt. My skin seeks to escape my laden body and leave me dripping and crimson.
My finger tips grip feebily the latch.

usually, after i have have resigned myself to the burden of consciousness and filled my lungs with smoke, i would make my way downstairs in search of strong coffee and the terrible glory of the network.

i am approaching my destination.

in burgerthing I order breakfast facsimile #5 with coffee. I sit at the fabricated plastic table, one of many which are bolted to the floor. I remember when all us lost boys and girls would take shelter in another burgerthing. In those days you could smoke upstairs.

Sat thinking
and smoking in a huddle
we would drink our complimentary water.


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