“she of wolf,” the hunter girl insisted.
glimpse famine long in her eyes.
ribs all sparse,
piercing time all about the forest.
girl lay there, scared of the wind –
serenading the heavy winter.
Woman murdering hobgoblins teeming beneath the grey night, waited up her like sheep.
The worst trees gleam all as the headless bride shrieks on.
She answered with confusion, her unbuttoned kiss dying in him; her flesh immaculate snow covered up by ceremony. The bedsheet of nobodys gone to the fire.
she did it with him over and over, looked through the window of the small world.
forbid her space
the knife began carving in her its brilliant savage child; watched with white skin, needle in her arm. Remarkable the two reclusive beasts soon settle.
The woods never look like she heard;
wooden entrance of the now, this object in the pocket flattering the malign brushwood.