The project homepage can be found here.

The bible cut-ups is an on going series of short poems which uses completely deconstructed books of the bible as its source material. Having never read the bible but having pretty definitive opinions of christianity and christians I must say I am enjoying the project immensely. It can be followed live at #biblecutup as I find new hidden truths in that most holy of holies; The King James bible. Feel free to play along at home!

For a thorough overview of the methodology of the cut-up as well as it’s history click here.

Below is a cut-up of my cut-ups so far. Promises to be an ever evolving glorious mess. I’ll probably end up using it as a basis of a short story at some point, or at least a surreal epic poem.

skin thee now. I arise blackish yet not down. Am I myself? Prolong this judement, Touch that and speak of lies.
My father; made of scorpions. Will I counsel him? up your word, roughly. Men offered all but heard not.
My righteous lips forget him utterly.

the breath grew in everyday light.
its seed creepeth all evening –
Sore eyes toward the marvelous; that art of desire shall fall unto me.
I cometh in thy mouth.
Mercy me.

die, strange children
they hast rebellious love.