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Love is due for Dunning. His sound art is increasingly a reflexive junction, a faustian cross-roads. The type where Daniel Johnson might be found lurking with a shovel if he’d grown up in a post-hip hop world and had a thing for media theory. His work is  a reimagining of the age of digital sequencing and composition on obsolete technology presented in musics original perfomative form – i.e. on the stage. Graham Dunning’s sound practice makes a playground of the media landscape, presenting our near-future present as an echo of the past.

Here’s a new track from him. A bodacious mess of found sample loops and distortion. It makes me think of Sterling’s dead media project and, for me at least, has a distinct cyberpunk vibe.



::::Reconciliatio et Paenitentia::::

Wake up feeling like i’ve done terrible terrible things
perhaps sometime in the night
these unwell eyes were testiment to my horrendous crimes.

The Sentinel

Another stunning Dub tune from the master of the genre. Long live the king!

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::::&a6c1:::: [ prose ]

th Shimmrn liht is a distnt figmnt

– th wy it refracts n th sufce, formng nto mcrocsmic
rck pools ov th otsd – tht of strw mn nd cly ft. Petit
bourgoise infidelities & papier-mâché identity.
Ths trnsgrssons ar nly evr gnst th self.
Nietche wld hav a conniption fit.
Now has lost all meaning
holofractual memory has done away with the present tense
reduced it to a random access montage.
Felt but not know.
Seen but not sought.
When the whole can be reconstituted from but crumbs
mortality becomes the punchline of a racist joke.

::::uno moralez::::

It’s that long lost tuesday all over again…


Interest in the engineering of cyber-physical information gathering and utilizing systems (CIGUS) has burgeoned in part due to the proliferation of wireless technology [1] and in part due to the growing demand for intelligible information. Such systems are complicated, with hierarchies of interfaces containing underlying complexity. They often involve distributed network sensors. The configuration can be
dynamic, static and adaptive. Increasingly they involve real time collaboration among agents of varying degrees of autonomy. The
interface of high yield systems often hides underlying subsystem complexity which pose new challenges to systems engineering[2].
Systems engineers are expected to provide a common level of communication amongst the domains of expertise that enable research,
development and design of the system to converge. As the domains become highly optimized, the language and models become so specialized that it becomes extremely difficult to communicate across the domains.

::::phase5hift:::: [ image ]

::::phase shift:::: [ image ]

::::The written word discrepancy::::

We’re all part of it, us bloggers, us denizens of the web – The Attention Economy

Regardless of why we create, what we create or what we want out of blogging or any of our online activities its tenets control our actions to some degree or another.

Case in point – the ‘like’ feature on wordpress. It’s a great way to show someone that you dig what they’ve done.  But, what kinds of people are likely to click on it? I have noticed that in comparison to my photography my writing. Does this mean that my writing is not as good as my photography? Not really, but by providing the metric of like it can be easy to assume that. Perhaps, due to the nature of photography, it is just easier to look at and digest, and so more people do.  Pictures are much easier to read than writing is. Maybe people who appreciate photography are more into the attention economy model than readers/writers.

I love getting likes on my pictures – it lets me know i’m on a track people appreciate and gives me a warm fuzzy glow. I would love getting more likes on my writing but I ain’t gonna sweat it. Frankly, the attention that I give my own writing is enough to spur me on.

::::scene deleted::::

::::scene missing::::

ghostdub. that’s what they all call me – i can’t even remember the name i had before. ghostdub.ghost.dub. because. because. because…i was dead. straight flatline. butbutbut.but Suzie…Suzie wouldn’t let them cut the line.screaming hysterical said she’d kill anyone who tried. Time…you… you lose it, over there. beyond the beyond. The Great Whatever. everything becomes like liquid. When the marbles finally returned they told me that I’d been gone 16 minutes. Guaranteed brain death. Youre produce.
but then i came back. They think… was it me? or just an echo? a dub? it stuck. what came back wasn’t what left, they say. corrupted.decompression error perhaps. They tied me up for my own protection. maybe theirs. i was in that place for quite a long time. halfmad. half here half there. Frankly, I’m still not really here.
at first they wouldn’t let me dive. said i might not come back at all. but i snuck it. it actually made me better…like i needed to dive to feel whole. Now i’m really only half here – constant transmission. i have someone to keep an eye on me. Whilst gone they say I got into mischief. i don’t remember.

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