We’re all part of it, us bloggers, us denizens of the web – The Attention Economy

Regardless of why we create, what we create or what we want out of blogging or any of our online activities its tenets control our actions to some degree or another.

Case in point – the ‘like’ feature on wordpress. It’s a great way to show someone that you dig what they’ve done.  But, what kinds of people are likely to click on it? I have noticed that in comparison to my photography my writing. Does this mean that my writing is not as good as my photography? Not really, but by providing the metric of like it can be easy to assume that. Perhaps, due to the nature of photography, it is just easier to look at and digest, and so more people do.  Pictures are much easier to read than writing is. Maybe people who appreciate photography are more into the attention economy model than readers/writers.

I love getting likes on my pictures – it lets me know i’m on a track people appreciate and gives me a warm fuzzy glow. I would love getting more likes on my writing but I ain’t gonna sweat it. Frankly, the attention that I give my own writing is enough to spur me on.