allthough, right now the website is flaking when I try to submit it.

A copy of this email is going to my MP. I am raising my concerns about the proposal for network filtering of adult content and default blocking.

I would like to submit the following evidence:

We all know about the Great Firewall of China – it is often used as an example of how totalitarian the government there still is despite the country’s embracing of capitalist-consumerism. It is also easy enough to demonstrate how much this power to censor the internet is abused – to stamp out political dissent and lines of thought that are deemed subversive.

What does this have to do with the opt-out “adult” filtering bill? Too much, I’m afraid.

The wording is terribly vague and the power to decide what is adult and what is not far to open to similar abuses.

It won’t just be porn that will be filtered – it will be all mature content. Coupled with the nature of bureaucracy to be better safe than sorry huge swaths of the net will be lost to those unwilling to go through the process of opting out through fear of being labelled a pervert in some database despite sex and sexuality being a vital and healthy part of the human experience. One need only look to the oppression of sexuality during Victorian times that led to its expression in far more dangerous terms than would of resulted from allowing it to blossom in the open.

The internet is a miraculous thing and part of its very nature is its openness. To take that away in any capacity will lead to effects that will be felt in all corners of the digital economy, both money based and elsewhere.

Trying to control knowledge and information is like trying to dam a mighty river with rolled up newspaper. Sooner or water there will be a flood. A very destructive one.

Teenagers and children are pretty tenacious creatures. If you try and stop them from doing something they will find a way around it. Then all you end up with is a pricey piece of legislation and a bunch of agitated citizens.

I wish I had more time to elucidate my points further but it’s getting close to dinner time and my family needs feeding.