this sentiment
can only be redeemed at participating outlets.
Got a sweet deal going with the local brand police,
take care of all those stray parasitic memebrokers
real tasty. Walk strange of months.
I have drank myself to the otherside of the veil
seen those things that only get mentioned
by the less than savoury.
gag-reflex hand-holders
all done up on ketamine and MDA
flopping about like brainedamaged fish in the breaking sunlight, waiting for the shadows to pass.
Touchers of glass, bezeled and primate.
Like the lord was a monkey
and we are all loyal to his caress.

I have climbed a
top the human massive
don’t you ever fucking forget that.

You speak of greatness but all i see in your eyes is weak tea
and sympathy.

You shall burn in this, this that glitters beyond.
This that weeps foever in joy and lust.