Pete Armetta

I don’t think she looked around in a while. When I walked in I couldn’t help notice several of the pictures on the walls were cockeyed. Not level. One in the living room-that seventies looking Buddha thing she got at the schlock market in Taos several years back, when she was honored with her lifetime achievement award. Another in the bedroom- that cheesy Monet she loved so much, mounted on that weird mirrored background. How could she not see it was askew?  When you walked into the room the mirror part reflected the light from the opposite window and made the room sparkle. Although at the moment the shades were still drawn.

That Monet was stained pretty yellow too from all her smoking in bed.

But she must not have noticed, or if she did, didn’t care. The general mood of the place was cockeyed.  Although nearly one o’clock, she was…

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