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Occult Burroughs, part 1

Burroughs. Nuff Said.


You + me

You and me
we’re in this together now
or maybe it’s just me
although i might be

A friend of mine and his band have a new album out and it’s a skullthumping mix of mad piano and darkwave synthy beatiness.

Now, when I say friend I mean “guy i know through facebook through a guy I used to know in Cardiff” – but we’ve had some cool conversations so I’m definitely leaning more towards friend than acquaintance. Still, it’s not like we hang out playing GTA and getting wasted. For starters, with him in London and me in the darklands of Scotland, the commute would be a motherfucker.

To celebrate the new album they’ve made their first two releases pay-what-you-like on bandcamp. Why not go grab yourself a download link? Also, if you like their page on facebook absolutely nothing of consequence will happen, although it does make it easier to keep up with their antics.

The album isn’t actually released till the 28th of June but it’s available to stream right now on bandcamp and I’m really quite fond of it. The lyrics and vocals avoid the cliches of darkwave (Deathboy, I’m looking at you) and the piano work keeps things fresh and manic. Its official release will be followed by a UK tour which promises such mad hedonism that entire town centers may be closed down in a state of emergency. You may well be seeing his face, makeup streaked with sweat and blood, on a forthcoming episode of Crime Watch.

Don’t believe what the powers that be tell you. He’s really a lovely guy.

Concerning the tour: The Nottingham date will be at The Maze, not at the Britannia Boat Club.

An absolutely beautiful piece of photographic collage by fellow Welshie Sonja. Be sure to check out her site for more of this fragile aching deliciousness.

I cannot recommend this album enough.

Some slightly trippy and dubby noise from Gary Fisher. Still waiting for the rest of that Photo series Gary!

From upcoming digital release “Accident Waiting To Happen” Recorded on 4-track tape recorder with lap guitar and objects, reverb spring, a drum sequencing app on a mobile phone, loops and effects. The recording uses 3 of the 4 tracks with one instrument on each and was mixed live while recording to MP3.

::::is it?:::: [ poem ]

is all you does drinking
cup after cup of 
coffee and smoking
your little hand
not eating and 
has you really
forgotten to speak?


One for food lovers everywhere from the irrepressible Pete Armetta!

Pete Armetta

Published in the Piker Press

Pesto stood outside the shop window. He looked at his watch and saw it was 6:56AM, four minutes until opening. Why do these people keep him waiting outside in the hot morning sun, day in and day out, when he knows he HAS to be their best customer? Especially this time of year!

He stood there slumped patiently, looking into the window.

They oughta know that this time of year the tomatoes are plump and ripe and meaty, and the basil is abundant everywhere- you could smell it in the air. The cheese is sitting out at room temperature getting older and steadily more pungent. Well, all this satisfied Pesto to no end- hence his name. Ever since he was little, everyone called him Pesto. His proper name though was Maurizio.

Pesto suited him.

His sleepy morning face gazed longingly in the big shop window…

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A day of rest

Taking the day off today – had work at the weekend, I have a headache and a few things to take care of. Creativity and blogging is so not on the agenda. Will try and come up with some meaty stuff for all you lovely lovely people for the rest of the week.

::::Fire:Action:::: [ photography ]

I live near some pretty shit and we have pretty sunsets.

First in a series, so I’m told.

::::the first iteration:::: [ poetry ]

A man awakens
in a room
an office
a street
over and over

forever he awakens
each time he knows nothing of where
nothing of why

he explores his surroundings
searching for
that might be
a clue
that might explain
but there is nothing

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