One for food lovers everywhere from the irrepressible Pete Armetta!

Pete Armetta

Published in the Piker Press

Pesto stood outside the shop window. He looked at his watch and saw it was 6:56AM, four minutes until opening. Why do these people keep him waiting outside in the hot morning sun, day in and day out, when he knows he HAS to be their best customer? Especially this time of year!

He stood there slumped patiently, looking into the window.

They oughta know that this time of year the tomatoes are plump and ripe and meaty, and the basil is abundant everywhere- you could smell it in the air. The cheese is sitting out at room temperature getting older and steadily more pungent. Well, all this satisfied Pesto to no end- hence his name. Ever since he was little, everyone called him Pesto. His proper name though was Maurizio.

Pesto suited him.

His sleepy morning face gazed longingly in the big shop window…

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