always lovely to see that something i’ve written is popular with you guys and with The Past Tense Kids getting 10 likes since last night i guess it qualifies.

Is actually part of a longer piece written for an awesome performance night here in Glasgow, composed in note form on index cards whilst bimbling around Cardiff in an extremely intoxicated fasion with a very good friend of mine then stitched together in longform inside a notebook during which it receieved considerable revision. It went through one more

considerable revision when i wrote it out on a4 lined paper to be performed. That version was then given away to some dude in the audience and as such may as well not exist. To be honest i cannot even remember what i called it.

So, basically, i have a rough version of this longer prosey posey piece sitting in a notebook. I guess i really should release it into the wild some time soon.

You have been warned.