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::::the neon rain::::

the neon rain falls in
melodies upon the thirsty soil;
the night-refrain becoming
a pitter-patter
of tiny
to which even the Gods must dance.


::::Sonnet Youth::::

::::Messiah Subroutine::::


Couldn’t wait for the end to finally rear its glorious head;
such beatific agony! Such terrible joy!
I’ll misinterpret your dreams and pull your nerves from your body,
wind them around myself,
spinning like a ballerina,
whilst you watch on in horror.

Woman walks the crowded pavement, fighting dead eyed streams
of ugly. Some people just like to cause accidents.
Diminished spools of time
unraveling about the feet of the pedestrian.


Too many nights
staring into the sick light has left mart1n
hurting. Nobody is answering
his pings and he desperate
needs to fix up.

Messing with the building blocks
of your nervous system is not for the faint of heart or head.
mart1n was faint of both.

Couldn’t resist a trend
– was a good incubator of
moronic tendencies
to be used to nullify
the senses.

::::well spent::::

spends his days
looking for the submarine
hidden on level 32.
Sucking up air
through a hole in his face.

::::Give me a Dream::::

get the fuck from my eyes
mister sandman, you impetuous cunt.
If i wanted to go down I wouldn’t keep getting up.
Maybe it’s really the other way around;
Waking life is the part we should be ignoring.

Regardless, the dust that congeals and collects in those corners
should never be taken lightly
– always consult with a physician before
altering your dose. Too many have slipt.
Don’t come round no more.

::::I will not let go::::

I caught your breath.

It was nearly away with the ambient pollution
but I leapt,
desperate and icarus,
and wrapped
my loving fingers about it.

There it hung
in the passing moment
that I refused
to let escape.

There I hung
feet lifted above the dirt of living
feeling my arm slowly
from its socket.

I will not let go.

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