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::::Guerilla Monologue thee 2nd::::

More improvised excess wherein I compare stability to death. Also, I reveal my strange love of train travel.

::::Guerilla Monologue #01::::

A few days ago I ended up on the streets on Glasgow with a friend wielding a video camera.

For What Purpose i Cannot Reveal.

Let’s just say that it ended up with me improvising some words and that there was a separate audio recording of this.

So, EITHER/OR/BORED presents….

T h e    G u e r i l l a    M o n o l o g u e s.

This is the story of a Girl who could pass between the cracks of overlapping reality. There may be hedonism and self-harm involved. That might be a Trigger Warning.


Recorded by a dear friend of mine. Listen to what he has to say and if you wanna get involved search ‘fledgling arts’ on facebook.

There’s a-doin’s transpirin’

So, I know this guy called Graham Dunning. He’s an avant-garde/electronic/experimental/noise type musician and I totally rate his work. He also hosts a show on NTS radio called Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone, which I think would make an awesome t-shirt, where he plays similar weird awesomeness. This month, the 11th of January in the year of our lobe 2013, between the hours of 8pm and 10pm, his special guest is the sintastically & satirically sardonic standup Stewart Lee. Turns out Mr Lee is fond of a lil free-improv and will be on the show selecting some of his favourite experimental records for your listening pleasure. Tune in live if you have the chance or catch the podcast in the Fractal Meat archive.

Love is due for Dunning. His sound art is increasingly a reflexive junction, a faustian cross-roads. The type where Daniel Johnson might be found lurking with a shovel if he’d grown up in a post-hip hop world and had a thing for media theory. His work is  a reimagining of the age of digital sequencing and composition on obsolete technology presented in musics original perfomative form – i.e. on the stage. Graham Dunning’s sound practice makes a playground of the media landscape, presenting our near-future present as an echo of the past.

Here’s a new track from him. A bodacious mess of found sample loops and distortion. It makes me think of Sterling’s dead media project and, for me at least, has a distinct cyberpunk vibe.


controversial subject matter perhaps, but I couldn't let this accidental juxtaposition go uncaptured. The newspaper in question is The Sun.

I’ve just had the most hallucinatory, dirty, dangerous, cyberpunkish and bizzare narrative based dream and I’m trying to decide if I should try like hell to hold onto these sense impressions and images or just let them sink.

out of the fragments I can pick one or two things that I feel able to describe. Part of the dream took part in the episode selection level of quake, there was something of a nervous system immersion thing going on with the players, whose dialogue was largely to do with some urban/digital underground scene that bordered on the illegal. There was a very real possibility to death. At one point there was a police raid, during which I ducked out back into the real world to track down this girl who I had met earlier but whose connection had been cut, to let her know what was going on. She was interning at some tech office. When we dived back in the government agents were completely out of their minds, as if they were high on pcp, and had performed surgery on one of their prisoners, a close friend of the intern, and replaced her head with that of a parrot. There was blood everywhere. Her actual head was slithering about on metal snake-like protrusion coming out of her neck, like a symbolic representation of her spinal column, howling in agonising pain – like she was dying in stuttering, artifact-laden slow motion.

I got the impression that this subculture looked to the past (our present and near-past) for its iconography, slang, and references.

::::Seriously Bad Album Art:::::

Ruport Murdoch: “We are fuckers.”

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If you’re a writer – I’m sinatra


From Peanutweeter: Where they take random tweets and merge them with peanut comic strips for maximal luls.

is it me?

or does the music from this advert…

sound a hell of alot like this reef track?

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