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:::unwhy, trash and two star:::

Yu know, I’d completely forgotten about the star ratings at the top of each post, because nobody ever uses it. Now four people have and given The Crawl two stars on average! I understand if the low score is for the lack of pictures. There is a lot of text not to have any images. I blame this fucking iPad. If all the votes are from the band I mentioned, sorry guys, I was just giving my honest opinion. I do hope you develop into awesome indie rockers and sell out like Biffy Clyro. If its just random trolls, thanks for taking the time!

If you get the blog post title reference, you get an imaginary cookie.


and we shall be called …Ellipsis Fuck Garden…

I’m back.

I still don’t have an internet connected but I have a roof. Actually, I kinda have an internet connection, via my phone, but it is a shit phone.

I got that and the library for now.

Shall we get started?

Seriously, WTF?!?
Did I do something to offend the cosmic order or something?
I should of been nicer to all those priests.
I won’t bore you with the details of my life being fucked. But needlesstosay things may become increasingly sporadic around here.

Normal broadcasting may resume at some point in the near future.

Elvis has Fucked the Building

For those not paying attention

I’m taking a break from the blog to concentrate on writing.

Also, life.

I’ll be back.

::::book cover for an imaginary book:::: [ image ]


::::We don’t go to Newport::::

I used to live there, so I know it’s true.


Instead of using my time to write I piss about online and ignore housework. I listen to music. I seek out new and ingenious ways to waste time. My problem is a lack of focus, a slavery to my sensorium, A disorderly consciousness and a refusal to take hold of the reigns. Even now I write a pointless blogpost instead of doing what I know needs to be done. I am a bad boy and I need to be punished.

I took this photo years ago using an actual film camera.


Here is the proof!

::::get some EITHER/OR/BORED love::::

I love writing. I love photography. I love blogging – and I love my subscribers. Not in a creepy The Bodyguard kinda way, but in a platonic appreciative fashion. To celebrate this love I’d like to send you a little something in that anarchronism of the physical world: The Postal Service. A print of one of my pictures with a custom poem/bit of prose on the back, ABSOLUTELY FREE. All you have to do is be one of the first 5 people to comment on this post and then email me your address to weateart AT gmail DOT com. As soon as I can I will send your personalised print/poem through teh snail mail. You never know, someday I might be famous and then it’ll be worth, like, actual money. Regardless, it’s always fun to get something unique and random in the mail. Why not get in on some of this action?

You wonderful, wonderful people!

I’ve just reached 1000 ‘likes’ here on EITHER/OR/BORED. If I knew where you all lived I’d track you down and kiss each and every one of you.

::::the new weirdness::::

Something weird happened yesterday.

I saw it there in my stats, a referral, from google translate. Not necessarily weird, right? But this so was. The translation sought was from english to french. The post in question was an english translation of a Charles Baudelaire poem, originally written in french.

For some reason this gives me quite a thrill.

::::uno moralez::::

It’s that long lost tuesday all over again…


::::the kittens strike back…:::: [ kittens ]

::::There be Kittens:::: [ video ]

There be kittens in the house. Everybody loves kittens. Music by KAATSKILL MOUNTAINS.

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