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A friend of mine and his band have a new album out and it’s a skullthumping mix of mad piano and darkwave synthy beatiness.

Now, when I say friend I mean “guy i know through facebook through a guy I used to know in Cardiff” – but we’ve had some cool conversations so I’m definitely leaning more towards friend than acquaintance. Still, it’s not like we hang out playing GTA and getting wasted. For starters, with him in London and me in the darklands of Scotland, the commute would be a motherfucker.

To celebrate the new album they’ve made their first two releases pay-what-you-like on bandcamp. Why not go grab yourself a download link? Also, if you like their page on facebook absolutely nothing of consequence will happen, although it does make it easier to keep up with their antics.

The album isn’t actually released till the 28th of June but it’s available to stream right now on bandcamp and I’m really quite fond of it. The lyrics and vocals avoid the cliches of darkwave (Deathboy, I’m looking at you) and the piano work keeps things fresh and manic. Its official release will be followed by a UK tour which promises such mad hedonism that entire town centers may be closed down in a state of emergency. You may well be seeing his face, makeup streaked with sweat and blood, on a forthcoming episode of Crime Watch.

Don’t believe what the powers that be tell you. He’s really a lovely guy.

Concerning the tour: The Nottingham date will be at The Maze, not at the Britannia Boat Club.

Metaphors on Vision is a collection of writings by non-narrative film-maker Stan Brakhage particularly concerned with his personal approach to film. His work is beautiful and striking and his influence on the cinematic avant-garde should not be underestimated. I thoroughly recommend clicking through to the book and also checking out some of his work.


Fuck me, there’s a lot of music on EITHER/OR/BORED today.

Steve Mason, formerly of the beta band, has a new album out: Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time

Here be the first single off it. Fight Them Back.

Be sure to check out the interview with him in the march issue of The Skinny where he accuses David Cameron of trying to turn Britain into some kind of wasteland.

To whoever was up on EITHER/OR/BORED today looking at my post on the underground film ‘Pull My Daisy’ – I notice that the link to the film was broken, so i fixed it. In fact, it is now embeded on the page.

For everyone else, the post in question can be found here.

This post should be better, more indepth, with more links. Maybe at some point in the near future.

Sometimes, very rarely, it is possible to watch entire films on youtube without them being cut into a million pieces. This is one of those instances…

This rarely seen, rarely known, underground film staggered out of the mess that was Berlin in 1984 (whether the release date was a deliberate reference to Orwell’s novel or merely synchronicity i do not know). You can look at as a critique of society, of media, of totalitarianism. As a treatise on the power of symbols, the way in which they pervade and control our lives and the ways in which they can be highjacked for alterior ends. I suppose it is all of those things. It’s a messy film made on not much of a budget and featuring such countercultural luminaries as William Burroughs and Genesis P. Orridge in cameo roles.

It is possible to get hold of this film on DVD but it ain’t cheap. There are other ways to get hold of it but I won’t be going into them here 😉

This might be your only opportunity to watch this astounding piece of cult filmmaking so, you know, pull the sofa up to your PC, turn out the lights and click play.

Nothing like a bit of police brutality to segue nicely into the weekend.

F Is the New H

article about fentanyl use in Seattle – a highly addictive, completely synthetic opiate, that is more powerful than heroin.

Then, in the summer of 2009, he started hanging around with a girlfriend who liked opiates. He’d heard that fentanyl was back in the city, so he went back to it. “I was kind of doing it recreationally for a while, but your tolerance builds almost immediately, after just a week,” he says. (The half-life of fentanyl is only about two hours, experts say. The half-life of heroin is around six.) “I would start to go into withdrawals on a daily basis.”

via longreads

northern irish punk scene

documentary on the northern irish punk scene, snarfed from the ‘tube by Matt – who appears to be on fire.

Pioneers of the downtown scene

Cool piece on both the SoHo art scene in new york during the 70s and a series of retrospectives on some of those artists happening in London soon.


At the end of the 1960s, SoHo was a district of abandoned workshops, moribund sweatshops and acres of empty floorspace. It began to be populated by artists who had little money, few prospects, and lived and worked there illegally, at first. Loft-style living is now an estate-agent cliche, but in 1970s SoHo it was the real deal. Today, the area is just chi-chi. The artists moved in, then the galleries, then the money. Pioneering artists are now moving to Detroit, the rust-belt city whose stunning, ruined architecture can be had for a song. They’re building communities there, starting again. Who knows where this might lead?

Pioneers of the downtown scene

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