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::::Shut Up::kyotenrio:::: [ art ]

Reminds me of Tank Girl.

How long before Shannon Wheeler sends me a cease and desist letter?

I can’t see it happening. To be honest, i can’t even see what it is i’m typing.

Too much alcohol man.

Aug 22, 2005

Dec 17, 2006

an orgy of alcohol and caffiene

That pretty much describes the past 5 days for me, and its been awesome. I just hope i can stop at some point…

After fussing and fretting on making the best damn espresso my new toy is capable of I’ve decided that, fuck it, I’m just happy i can have decent coffee whenever i like. I just don’t have the focus or money to blow on being a full-on espresso geek. I’m thinking about swearing off instant coffee all together though, as it seems it doesn’t mix well with espresso. Kinda like alternating between whisky, wine and beer all night and waking up in the morning unable to speak, only it’s more like your organs are trying to crawl urgently out of the nearest available orifice.

The important thing seems to be keeping the machine clean.

Anyways, I’m off to drink excessively and scheme interesting posts for the new year. Here’s another too much coffee man comic strip to squish through your mind grapes. Be sure to check out the too much coffee man website for more.


Too Much Coffee Man!

too much… too much…

Getting an espresso machine for christmas i’m sure is going to be a mixed blessing. Right now I’m somewhat obsessed with making the perfect cup. Well, not the perfect cup but the best cup i can. Thing is, i tend towards longer drinks like americanos and lattes. I think the key thought is getting the basic unit of consumption down – the espresso.

I’ve always figured that making a good espresso was a complicated process but aparently i didn’t realise just how complicated it was. Water, tamping, how much to fill the filter up, when to stop the extraction process – all of these are important steps. Tamping for example, the compacting of the grounds in the filter, depends largely on the amount of even pressure you apply, and really affects the taste. As does how much you put in there in the first place. 7-8 grams is ideal, it seems. Also, in the case of my machine, when do I stop the pump? Keeping an eye on the colour of the liquid coming out seems the best way to go, but what different does it make to taste? Experimentation is needed. Every machine is different and, especially with the cheaper ones where you can’t alter the pressure or temperature, figuring out the maximal elements can take time. And dedication. And the desire to geek out.

Anyway, best xmas present EVER.

Most if not all the information on making espresso that is rattling around my head I groked from the extremely detailed home-barista.com. If your interested in any aspect of espresso and the making of espress I totally recommend it. Here is a good place to start.

And whilst we’re on the topic of coffee be sure to check out the exploits of Shannon Wheeler’s existential ‘super’hero, Too Much Coffee Man. I’m reading this arc about cats and fish right now. It starts here but, you know, do click about the archives like.

Right, I’m gonna go eat some toast and try and figure out some stuff involving my espresso maker.

#021: Espresso

The first two volumes of Wizzywig, Ed Piskor’s wonderful graphic memoir of the early days of the BBS/hacking/phreaking scene, have been posted online.

Growing up I was absolutely obsessed with hacking and phreaking – i read every exploitative and trashy book on hackers i could get my mitts on, as well as more quality titles. All I ever wanted was a modem and to learn how to program. Turns out though I was a lazy little shit with no follow through! I did start learning C but the most advanced thing I ever wrote was a lottery number generator.

via Phreak/hacker history comic now a free download Boing Boing.

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