This is the most geeky/cool thing I’ve seen for a while. A bunch of spaced fans reinacting the fake slow-mo gun fight from spaced. Reminds me a bit of the end of Cory Doctorow‘s little brother. How freaked out would you be if you were walking through london and saw this happening? Actually, i guess the really important question is, would you join in? If i happened upon it I really don’t think I could resist.

For those involved this is an example of play, but for those watching it becomes spectacle. Either way it not only calls to mind that paticular episode of Spaced, if you’ve seen it, but also those lost fragments of youth in which your imagination runs amock unchained by the conventions of societal mores. In a way could this almost be seen as a surrealist/situationist rebellion against the self-imposed restrictions on behaviour we impose on ourselves as adults? After all, are we not merely children playing at being grown ups with a level of seriousness that masks the fact that it is merely a game?

Or, you know, is it just a bunch of flash-mobbing nerds geeking out?

Or is it both?

via Media Monkey