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Recorded by a dear friend of mine. Listen to what he has to say and if you wanna get involved search ‘fledgling arts’ on facebook.


There’s a-doin’s transpirin’

::: my dancers ::: Toni Rivas [ art ]

My Black Cat Bones :::::::::::::: Alizon Kiel

He’s come for my black cat bones
He’s come without knowing me
He’ll boil me at midnight
I’ll shake beneath the water
I’ll redden his hands

He’s come for my black cat bones
Midnight light will fall
All for his luck, all for his love, all for to barricade a dark door from dark magic from dark nights of white fog obscuring
He’ll rise as his fall

He’s come for my black cat bones
A dance we’ll dance forever, we’ll change hands
There’ll be a little shop with a well behind and a voice to fall within

There’ll be a little shop with a long glass counter and a velvet purse, the smell of Florida water obscuring
All for a price, be paid for me
Be paid as for chicken bones painted black

By the uber-talented Julie Chappell!

Although not traditionally part of the Stations, the first is Sublimation, a phase more or less laughing in the endothermic sea.
This is a transition in which both logical thinking and impulsiveness are condemned to death.
The point where the receiver could be freshly sublimed on a cold finger.
The ship! The stations! — the second stations!” he might cry from the stars.
For the 2nd substances increase the efficiency and collection of the cross.
The 3rd Materials prevent or counteract falling for the first time.
While 4th materials promote meeting your Mother under the intoxicating effect of Sublimation
This is the transition of a substance from the solid phase to the gas phase retained in heaven.
5th materials however, remain signs and symptoms of recognized diseases.
These carry the cross in a reversible way so that it is fit for simulators, etc.
6th and in spite of all that mortal man could do, some subtances fell flat upon their mass.
These materials are the induction of hypnosis, they wipe the face easier or improve its usefulness.
The 7th substances triple point in its phase diagram improves people’s ability to withstand the so called, ‘falling of the second time’.
Materials and physical methods of high intent linger upon the 8th substance, in three different states.
At different temperatures the daughters of Jerusalem produce amnesia of events before and during its use.
The shamed 9th remains the conniving substances of man. These state in dreams that physical methods of producing the so called ‘falling a third time’ are eased over a longer period.
All 10th substances only produce the 11th Substance, whose production is falling “pure” euphoria and stripping of the garments with no more leave.
There are now 12 substances that alter the structure of personality.
This in a way that the tendencies of the receiver are dependent upon nailing to a cross.

At this point I would convulse with love, but I’ve lost all speaking.

13 results in a Crucifixion: any mental confusion of this type is that of the individual under its influence.
It will be difficult to get an invention of the investigation for the 14th substance where, for a time, those that die on the cross escape from the solid state.
This reduces the efficiency of men when administered in undetectable amounts.
Obviously the 15th substance promotes weakness or distortion of vision or hearing when body is removed from the cross.
Preferably without permanent effects.
It is sometimes included as a fifteenth station, at some pressures the material may pass directly from a solid into the gaseous state
The 16th substance is also known as the Mountain of morose women (The reverse process is also known as Deposition or Lamentation)
A knockout pill, bits of substance, lances, do not pass through an intermediate liquid phase.
This can surreptitiously sublime a maximum type of amnesia.
By the use of appropriate agents, the 17th substance becomes a formation of frost.
This is an example of a material that can be laid in a tomb and covered in incense.
Meteorological deposition is always administered in secret by these routes and in very small quantities.
It is impossible for any Resurrection to carry out any Paraphenalia Desperation activity, but a millennium of wit cherishes all.

Scientific, nervous, I convulse I convulse. I convulse. I convulse.

All the sea was silky before his predestinating manner as he scattered intoxicated, then shot to the surface again.


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