And why the hell not? Who wouldn’t want to listen to MP3s of folk covers of punk tracks? the ramones’ “I wanna be sedated”, The stooges “I wanna be your dog” and a whole lot more!

There’s beauty in punk music, I think – a dark and angry beauty, but a beauty nonetheless. And this beauty makes its way into the delicate and deliberate, too. The anger here isn’t gone, it’s merely transformed: into something tender, or more distant, depending on the artist’s choice of interpretation. The vulnerability of folk performance doesn’t so much bring new meaning to the songs as it does reveal the innermost secrets of its music and its society. The political is made personal. And so it goes, in the constant dance that is culture.

All Folked Up: The Punk Rock Collection, Vol. 1 folk covers of seminal first and second wave punk music — Cover Lay Down.

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