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The Giros crack me up…


See more at youtube. Obviously.

Penchant for the dramatic [video]

Some people can just make anything sound epic….

And follow this here link to hear Richard Dreyfuss reading the iTunes EULA.

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If you’re a writer – I’m sinatra


From Peanutweeter: Where they take random tweets and merge them with peanut comic strips for maximal luls.

It’s an inside job…

Just incase you can’t read that: “First they go bankrupt, then they set themselves on Fire. Iceland. Insurance job?”

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Very funny, very interesting, very long. I actually listened to this yesterday and found it a thoroughly engaging and thoughtful presentation shot through with Adam’s trademark wit and sense of irony. It mainly details the conception and journeys of his book Last Chance to See in which he travels the world in search of really really endangered species.

Of course, one of the most insightful things i got out of it for me was that in a pinch you could use a condom to turn a normal microphone into an underwater one.

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That silly billy Winnie the Pooh! Lovely pictures of terrible things afoot in the hundred acre wood. Dig that mocked up hardcover. Click your way through to the harrowing conclusion!


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This is the most geeky/cool thing I’ve seen for a while. A bunch of spaced fans reinacting the fake slow-mo gun fight from spaced. Reminds me a bit of the end of Cory Doctorow‘s little brother. How freaked out would you be if you were walking through london and saw this happening? Actually, i guess the really important question is, would you join in? If i happened upon it I really don’t think I could resist.

For those involved this is an example of play, but for those watching it becomes spectacle. Either way it not only calls to mind that paticular episode of Spaced, if you’ve seen it, but also those lost fragments of youth in which your imagination runs amock unchained by the conventions of societal mores. In a way could this almost be seen as a surrealist/situationist rebellion against the self-imposed restrictions on behaviour we impose on ourselves as adults? After all, are we not merely children playing at being grown ups with a level of seriousness that masks the fact that it is merely a game?

Or, you know, is it just a bunch of flash-mobbing nerds geeking out?

Or is it both?

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Cat Vs. Toddler

If only it was a battle to the death…


This is for my mate crystal, who was forced to read Twilight as part of her university course.

” Bam! Bitch Went down! ”

Down for the Count!

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Because sometimes you just need some Fucking Amusement!

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check this shit. hours of fun!

unfortunately, you only get two speech bubbles to play with. What kind of things would you put in batman and robin’s mouths? Stick them in the comments! The best one wins a poem hand written by yours truly and exclusive to you!

Batman and robin comic generator

via The Mighty Matt Dalby

p.s. He isn’t actually mighty. He’s actually pretty meek. And strange. In an awesome way. I thought he might want me to qualify that mighty comment, so there you have it.

Morgan Freeman is… Easy Reader

The internet. Sometimes you just can’t help but boggle at the things of sheer awesome it brings you.

I mean, take Morgan Freeman, he’s an actor right? He’s pretty famous. He’s got an oscar and a whole bunch of other awards.  He’s pretty damn beloved. But did you also know that before making it in films he was in this crazy edutainment style show called The Electric Company? I sure as hell didn’t.

Amongst his other roles on the show which included playing a Cop, Dracula and a Mad Scientist, he was the cooler than cooler, hipper than hip Easy Reader. He’s all about the words, you dig? If learning to read with the help of your television set was as cool as this when I was growing up i probably would of mastered it shortly after i’d crawled out of the womb!

( via Dangerous Minds )

I am completely beholden to the mighty crew of Dangerous Minds for hipping me to this insanely great/greatly insane shit. My mind may never be the same again. Oh yeah baby. Oh yeah. Reading stuff is out of sight.

Oh yeah, and Morgan Freeman? Your my new personal hero, man.

in 2008 I was faced with the mixblessing of being the sole provider for myself, my girlfriend and her son. My girlfriend had being going nuts in an effort to complete her teaching degree, us living off her student loan, and I figured it was time I gave something back. It was only a couple of months but I kinda got a buzz out of being the breadwinner, due to my somewhat detached, surreal and ironic view of the situation and life in general (“look at me! I’m bringing home the bacon! Who woulda thunk it?!?”)

What I didn’t get a buzz out of was the job itself: I was a kitchen porter in the kitchen at a 5 star hotel. The work was hard and monotonous, the hours were weird, and most of the people were pricks.
Seriously, have you met many chef’s in your life, let alone worked with them? They are, for the most part, complete and utter arseholes.

In an effort to get something out of the experience (apart from the money and access to the espresso machine which I used neigh-constantly despite being told numerous times that the espresso was for guests only and that I was only allowed to drink the filter coffee) I thought i’d start a blog detailing my thoughts and experiences. Well, that was a bust. I wrote two posts then quickly forgot all about it.

I stumbled across those two posts recently, gave them a re-read, and decided they were quite amusing and well written. So, despite being an abandoned project I figured I would resurrect them from the blogging afterlife for your amusement:

Employment. It’s inevitable. Unless you’ve got a trust fund or are happy to dance the poverty conga-line of the benefits system it’s not really something you can escape. Bills must be paid. Food must be purchased. In order to live you must auction off your time to whoever will pay you for it. Chances are the that your job sucks too.

This is the way of things. Wouldn’t be so bad if you could section off a part of your being and dedicate it to work, have two distinct sides of you so that you could carry on an independant life seperate from work, but It seeps in through your orifices and starts to mould your spirit into its own diabolical shape, fills you with its shadow. It affects the way you think, the way you look at things, ways in which you react to different stimuli. Even when not at your place of employment, the diabolical shape impedes upon your thoughts and feelings. You are no longer the same person you were before you started working, your changed, and who knows whether or not you can ever get that person back, that spirit, that part of your soul that was untouched by the infectuous and scum-encrusted tenticles that seek to crush your mind. If only you could take a step outside of yourself, observe the process by which this erosion takes place, document it’s machinations so that when, if ever, you manage to break free of the vicious cycle of conditioned wage slavery you could retrace your steps, rebuild, and stand a chance of regaining your self.

This blog is an attempt and this. The diary of a wage slave, A kitchen porter at a luxury resort with more stars than you can count with half a hand. The names have been changed to discombobulate and misdirect suspicious minds. Or maybe they haven’t. Maybe nothing has been changed because nobody who works with Samzidat will ever read these words. Maybe only some things have been changed, just enough to throw these minds off the scent. Maybe this is in fact a work of complete fiction, the product of a brain in a belljar, haulicinating a life of servitude and slowly maurinating in its own miserable juices. None of this really matters. What matters is insight and understanding. What matters is the narrative, fractured as it may be, the documentation of process. Hopefully it’s worthy of a read, is of some use as entertainment or meditation; the reflections of a creature who has found himself ensnared in this universal antagonism of life.

This is the beginning of the end.

A desperate Boston mom called 911 late Saturday night because she couldn’t get her 14-year old son to stop playing video games. A police spokesman said the call “was a little unusual, but by no means is it surprising.”

via Mom calls 911 over son’s video game habit Boing Boing.

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