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From a follow up post to the one I just blogged:

The arts are so important to our psyches. They should not be discounted as being unimportant to being human. That is why I am insistent that creating a life style in the post-peak oil era that preserves artistic impulses is an essential element. What good is it to preserve human societies that cannot devote some time to reveling in artistic production? It is painful to read the news stories about schools that are cutting the humanities in these tough budget times. Instead they think it is essential to force everyone to become mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. So we’ll go that route and make humanity miserable. That is far from wise.

I have developed this conviction. Wisdom isn’t just great logic and knowledge in the ordinary, and very common, sense. It includes the emotions. We have to, first and foremost, love. And love starts with appreciation of beauty in all its forms. I love understanding how the world works. But I also love Brandi’s songs and Tiité’s pieces (thank you Tiité). I love Queen and Wagner. I love Michael Angelo. I love Shakespeare. I will fight to preserve what can be saved. I will fight to assure the place of humanities in our humanity.

Question Everything: More on Aesthetics and Humanity.

A quite long reflection on the worthy aspects of humanity.  My rough analysis after quickly scanning the post? Transcendental Creativity that transmits the Ineffable.

We need to find ways to preserve the best of Homo sapiens while building on this history of creativity and feelings. We cannot give up on what we have gained in the realm of appreciation even if our materialistic culture crumbles beneath our feet. The University of Noesis must continue to have core of creativity as its soul. Yes, future humans will need to attend to the practical aspects of life. But not without an appreciation for the aesthetics of living. In the end this is what makes us human.

I have a belief. I believe that musicians often tap into something very primordial in our psyches. Long time readers know that I have a fondness for the music of Queen because their lyrics and music speak to something I feel deeply. Silly, probably. Nevertheless, it affects me. Brandi’s song — Dreams — is beautiful beyond words (melody and lyrics). It reminds me, no, it makes me feel, the worthiness of the fact that I have dreams. I haven’t given up on humanity even if I seem to have written off the current species. The future is what we dream. We must fight to preserve our genus and our dreams. This is what I think it means to be human.

Question Everything: What Should We Fight to Save?.

What exactly is the difference between human and animals, you know, apart from the invention of the poptart and the use of metaphor to navigate our multiplicious interior/exterior environments and the nexus of reality and consciousness? If you wanna know check out this video! I know, it’s kinda long, but maybe you can leave it running in the background whilst you do other things. That’s what I’m doing and it’s not as if your going to miss some stunning visuals. I mean, maybe some powerpoint slides but come on, it’s a guy standing at a podium talking! The lecture doesn’t really kick in till about 5 minutes in.

Update: Absolutely facinating stuff, including such insight as People operating remote death drones in iraq end up with quite serious psychological problems and that Dopamine release in the brain isn’t about award, but about the anticipation of reward.

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