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19th century manly slang

I am a great lover of slang. I guess it’s really words I’m in love with, but slang has that extra tinge of epic. The more obscure the better. So many strange words, so many strange meanings. urbandictionary is always a good place to look for slang but it’s hardly reliable or terribly accurate – alot of the time you have to dig through a multitude of meanings just to get to one that seems right. I have this idea of filling a script with slang from all over the place just for the love of it. When i first watched Brick I was absolutely hypnotised by the dialogue – although I should note that i had my idea a few years before the film was released, though if it should it made and released I wouldn’t baulk at comparisons. I should also note that those are big fucking ifs.


From The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man, an absolutely delightful “Dictionary of Manly 19th Century Vernacular.” Some of my faves:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosAnointing: A good beating. A case for the application of salve.Blind Monkeys: An imaginary collection at the Zoological Gardens, which are supposed to receive care and attention from persons fitted by nature for such office and for little else. An idle and useless person is often told that he is only fit to lead the Blind Monkeys to evacuate. Another form this elegant conversation takes, is for one man to tell another that he knows of a suitable situation for him. “How much a week? and what to do?” are natural questions, and then comes the scathing and sarcastic reply, “Five bob a week at the doctor’s– you’re to stand behind the door and make the patients sick. They won’t want no physic when they sees your mug.”

Cupboard Love. Pretended love to the cook, or any other person, for the sake of a meal. My guts cry cupboard; i.e. I am hungry.

Earth Bath. A grave.

Fimble-Famble. A lame, prevaricating excuse.

Gentleman of Four Outs. When a vulgar, blustering fellow asserts that he is a gentleman, the retort generally is, ” Yes, a Gentleman Of Four Outs”–that is, without wit, without money, without credit, and without manners.

O’clock. “Like One O’clock,” a favorite comparison with the lower orders, implying briskness; otherwise “like winkin’.” “To know what’s O’clock” is to be wide-awake, sharp, and experienced.

Rumbumptious. Haughty, pugilistic.

Snotter, or Wipe-hauler. A pickpocket whose chief fancy is for gentlemen’s pocket-handkerchiefs.

Tune the Old Cow Died of. An epithet for any ill-played or discordant piece of music.

The Art of Manliness Dictionary of Manly 19th Century Vernacular

I’m a total space monkey today. The webs be pulling me this way and that. Youtube is taking me on a slightly nostalgia tinged trip through some old skool jungle. I’m trying out a new brand of espresso coffee. It’s quite nice, more caramel tones than my usual. Finally got back on my novel yesterday after weeks of self-defeating blockage, which is good. Sometimes you just gotta start a new chapter and come back.

I gotta be going….

jungle documentary

part one of a truely terrible and cheesy documentary on jungle (the rawer precursor to drum and bass) which is interesting if you can get past the shit poor narration, touches of sensationalism, and the way it’s constructed. Watch out for the mention of the Atari ST (my first computer!) as an important enabler for late 80s/early 90s dance music (it came with midi ports built in was was relatively cheap) and a young shy fx making tracks in his bedroom.

via the publics. Follow the link for more documentaries on electronic music.

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