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Recorded by a dear friend of mine. Listen to what he has to say and if you wanna get involved search ‘fledgling arts’ on facebook.

“Doll’s house I spent two years making, being destroyed in a fire.” – Harriet.

Oh blog! How I have forsaken thee! Whence forth the tides of life do raiseth up to claim my lungs as mine mind’s lagoons for which to drown within these eyes do turn asunder and let decay claim this monument to thine outpourings.

Or some such shit.

Time for a story. Way back when it was 2010 (or was it 2011?), maybe sometime around this here autumnal season (although, frankly, it feels more like fucking Winter right now) a coffee house did open in yonder city of Ayr. An independent coffee house called Su Casa. With very tasty coffee. A treat it was to stumble upon and GOD DAMN do they do fine coffee. Upstairs I did wander to find a group of people muchly chatting. Full of awesome espresso I did introduce myself and join in – struck with a rare moment of sociable as I was. After all, the exchanging of conversation and ideas and the meeting of people are what coffeehouses are famous for, going all the way about to the first one in London in eighteencanteen. I wrote a piece on this subject in fact, one which I never finished, which I was going to gift to the owner of Su Casa for promotional purposes (I wanted to help, see).

Of this group of ragamuffin artists and students and general peoples there was one sat alone at a table, a laptop before him, working away at some video editing software. His name was Alberth Mg. We got to chatting. Alberth was a film maker. Alberth had forgone film school. Alberth had a vision.

At that time in his life he was spreading his time between Ayr and London making promo videos for bands and solo artists. A good way to pay the bills I would say. Personally, I was between shitty temporary jobs at the time, but not yet at the point of self-immolating desperation as to my prospects of finding employment. Plus, I had my mysterious novel going on. Still, I envied Alberth. He’d managed to hobble something together and was going for it. We exchanged details, followed each other on facebook and went on our merry ways.

Our paths didn’t cross much in the really real from then on but I kept abreast of what he was up to with his company Elgato Film Productions and various other projects via the book of the face.

So, now it is now, and Elgato are really ramping up. They have a short film, Reflections, due to be premiered next month. A shiny new website. A ragtag production team. A force to be reckoned with I reckon.

And now, in time for Halloween, A sketch called The Girl Who Is Sitting Next To Me.


::::the kittens strike back…:::: [ kittens ]

::::There be Kittens:::: [ video ]

There be kittens in the house. Everybody loves kittens. Music by KAATSKILL MOUNTAINS.

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The Giros crack me up…

so, you want practical, hands on video editing advice that you can try out in your favourite non-linear editor? techniques to engage the audience, make up for problems in your shoot and generally rock out cutting-wise? Then you need to check out Edit Foundry.

link nabbed from a raindance email newsletter.

Morgan Freeman is… Easy Reader

The internet. Sometimes you just can’t help but boggle at the things of sheer awesome it brings you.

I mean, take Morgan Freeman, he’s an actor right? He’s pretty famous. He’s got an oscar and a whole bunch of other awards.  He’s pretty damn beloved. But did you also know that before making it in films he was in this crazy edutainment style show called The Electric Company? I sure as hell didn’t.

Amongst his other roles on the show which included playing a Cop, Dracula and a Mad Scientist, he was the cooler than cooler, hipper than hip Easy Reader. He’s all about the words, you dig? If learning to read with the help of your television set was as cool as this when I was growing up i probably would of mastered it shortly after i’d crawled out of the womb!

( via Dangerous Minds )

I am completely beholden to the mighty crew of Dangerous Minds for hipping me to this insanely great/greatly insane shit. My mind may never be the same again. Oh yeah baby. Oh yeah. Reading stuff is out of sight.

Oh yeah, and Morgan Freeman? Your my new personal hero, man.

mad measuring tape skillz

I had to post this video. I simply HAD TO. Not to post it would be to deny a part of myself, the part of my that takes overwhelming joy in such things, the exuberance and sheer skill displayed, the mischievousness of it all. Enjoy! In fact, I challenge you to NOT enjoy this video!

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american anti-piracy video from 1991

Fuck. After watching this i don’t know what to say. I’m totally on board though. Don’t copy that floppy!

Were the 90s really that cheesy? I musta tuned it out….



Burroughs: the movie

via Dangerous Minds.

Nest of the skeletons

extract of Insanely Great stop-motion film by UK sculpter Tessa Farmer

co-directed by Sean Daniels, with sound design by Mark Pilkington of Strange Attractor Journal. The full video will be screened in London this Friday, January 15, as part of Luminous Aephemera, the Strange Attractor Salon’s film night.

It’s only an extract, to be sure, but it looks amazing! I wish i lived in london….
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jungle documentary

part one of a truely terrible and cheesy documentary on jungle (the rawer precursor to drum and bass) which is interesting if you can get past the shit poor narration, touches of sensationalism, and the way it’s constructed. Watch out for the mention of the Atari ST (my first computer!) as an important enabler for late 80s/early 90s dance music (it came with midi ports built in was was relatively cheap) and a young shy fx making tracks in his bedroom.

via the publics. Follow the link for more documentaries on electronic music.

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