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The Girobabies are fucking my wife…

Do yourself a favour and check out The Girobabies – Coming straight from Kilwinning (or maybe Glasgow, I’m not entirely sure) to your head cavity.

In fact, have a youtube playlist!


oldskool seasoned dubstep

Go Little Fire Go!

Go Little Fire Go!

Okay, maybe I should elucidate. Little Fire is a local singer-songwriter who is up for Unsigned Artist of the Year and has already won a bunch of other things. This video was shot in Su Casa – the most awesome coffeehouse in the whole of south-ayrshire.

the Cognitive Bias song

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Mugged by an Ocotpus

Victor Huang was filming underwater at Wahine Memorial near Wellington, New Zealand when something really strange happened.

while trying to get video of a wild octopus, it suddenly dashed towards me and rips my shiny new camera from out of my hands, then swims off, all while the camera is recording! he swam away very quickly like a naughty shoplifter. after a 5 minute chase, I placed my speargun underneath him and he quickly and curiously grabbed hold of the gun as well, giving me enough time to reach in and grab the camera from out of his mouth. I didn’t feel threatened at all during the whole ordeal. he seemed to be fixated on the shiny metallic blue digital camera. the only confusing behavior was how he dashed off with it like a thief haha. cheeky octopus.

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What exactly is the difference between human and animals, you know, apart from the invention of the poptart and the use of metaphor to navigate our multiplicious interior/exterior environments and the nexus of reality and consciousness? If you wanna know check out this video! I know, it’s kinda long, but maybe you can leave it running in the background whilst you do other things. That’s what I’m doing and it’s not as if your going to miss some stunning visuals. I mean, maybe some powerpoint slides but come on, it’s a guy standing at a podium talking! The lecture doesn’t really kick in till about 5 minutes in.

Update: Absolutely facinating stuff, including such insight as People operating remote death drones in iraq end up with quite serious psychological problems and that Dopamine release in the brain isn’t about award, but about the anticipation of reward.

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This is the most geeky/cool thing I’ve seen for a while. A bunch of spaced fans reinacting the fake slow-mo gun fight from spaced. Reminds me a bit of the end of Cory Doctorow‘s little brother. How freaked out would you be if you were walking through london and saw this happening? Actually, i guess the really important question is, would you join in? If i happened upon it I really don’t think I could resist.

For those involved this is an example of play, but for those watching it becomes spectacle. Either way it not only calls to mind that paticular episode of Spaced, if you’ve seen it, but also those lost fragments of youth in which your imagination runs amock unchained by the conventions of societal mores. In a way could this almost be seen as a surrealist/situationist rebellion against the self-imposed restrictions on behaviour we impose on ourselves as adults? After all, are we not merely children playing at being grown ups with a level of seriousness that masks the fact that it is merely a game?

Or, you know, is it just a bunch of flash-mobbing nerds geeking out?

Or is it both?

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Cat Vs. Toddler

If only it was a battle to the death…


I don’t watch Newswipe. This is a tragedy of epic proportions. Well, maybe not epic. I mean, in the scheme of things it barely even registers on any kind of scale. Really, I should say it’s a personal tragedy but even then it’s not like my cat being run over by an SUV whilst i’m watching from the pavement as I’m being beaten into a temporary coma by a gang of viscious 6 year olds, which is probably more personally tragic then not watching a tv show. Let’s just say i was going for a bit of dynamic hyperbole and leave it at that, shall we?

Anyway, I should be watching this show. I should be watching everything Charlie Brooker does. Everybody should. Maybe then there’s a chance we can save ourselves from drowning in our own stinking mediocrity. Although probably not.

Doug Stanhope does a spot on newswipe. He’s like this really cynical, twisted and bitter comic from the states and therefore deserves your respect. I first heard of Doug Stanhope through media-underground, where head dissident Mortimer is a big fan. Plus, i think he got drunk with him a whole bunch of times. I checked him out and being suitably impressed told all my friends. They nodded their heads and were like “cool” but then proceeded to ignore me. Now they’re trying to tell me about how great Doug Stanhope is. Well, fuck you. I told you first!

( actually, it didn’t exactly go like that, but I’m trying to cultivate a vibe here – i am aware that I am coming across as some despicable hipster douche but it’s all for fun, promise. )

Doug has his own channel over on youtube, which includes his spots on newswipe, so, like, go and check it out.

Here’s some tasters:

oh yeah, inspired by stumbling across this

Hansel & Gretel

A short film co-produced/co-directed by Lucy Campbell and my good friend Helen Shanahan; filled brimful with atmospheric and artfully composed shots; like paintings that linger too briefly. Watch out for the ingenious use of a neon headband to create conflicting emotion between bathos and pathos (mmm… greek words….), a sense of the tragicomic and the repulsive, the counterpoint of nature in bloom and decay, plus slices of battenberg cake!

tom waits reads a charles bukowski poem

Still cool even with the audio and video out of sync.

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Morgan Freeman is… Easy Reader

The internet. Sometimes you just can’t help but boggle at the things of sheer awesome it brings you.

I mean, take Morgan Freeman, he’s an actor right? He’s pretty famous. He’s got an oscar and a whole bunch of other awards.  He’s pretty damn beloved. But did you also know that before making it in films he was in this crazy edutainment style show called The Electric Company? I sure as hell didn’t.

Amongst his other roles on the show which included playing a Cop, Dracula and a Mad Scientist, he was the cooler than cooler, hipper than hip Easy Reader. He’s all about the words, you dig? If learning to read with the help of your television set was as cool as this when I was growing up i probably would of mastered it shortly after i’d crawled out of the womb!

( via Dangerous Minds )

I am completely beholden to the mighty crew of Dangerous Minds for hipping me to this insanely great/greatly insane shit. My mind may never be the same again. Oh yeah baby. Oh yeah. Reading stuff is out of sight.

Oh yeah, and Morgan Freeman? Your my new personal hero, man.

mad measuring tape skillz

I had to post this video. I simply HAD TO. Not to post it would be to deny a part of myself, the part of my that takes overwhelming joy in such things, the exuberance and sheer skill displayed, the mischievousness of it all. Enjoy! In fact, I challenge you to NOT enjoy this video!

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music makes the world keep turning

Been a while since there’s been any music up in this bitch. I’ve been meaning to write this semi-longish post all around the subject but obvious it ain’t writ so it ain’t here. I hope the video above, again cribbed from Dangerous Minds, will go some way towards redressing the balance. Life without music is like a bowling ball without a liquid centre, or something.


Caribou announced the release in April of their new album “Swim” today and released the above lead-off tune “Odessa” into the world. Main Caribou Dan Snaith is an absolute sonic master, dealing mainly in muted and worn textures. This song is somehow both awkward and hypnotic simultaneously, a subtle grower with lots of interesting little bits coming and going amid the repeated hooks galore.

To borrow palance from a certain point in UK youth culture: Choon!

note: If you know where that bowling ball line is from drop me a comment and I’ll give you a shout out of your choosing for your supreme awesomeness!

american anti-piracy video from 1991

Fuck. After watching this i don’t know what to say. I’m totally on board though. Don’t copy that floppy!

Were the 90s really that cheesy? I musta tuned it out….


Nest of the skeletons

extract of Insanely Great stop-motion film by UK sculpter Tessa Farmer

co-directed by Sean Daniels, with sound design by Mark Pilkington of Strange Attractor Journal. The full video will be screened in London this Friday, January 15, as part of Luminous Aephemera, the Strange Attractor Salon’s film night.

It’s only an extract, to be sure, but it looks amazing! I wish i lived in london….
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