The bible cut-ups are an on going series of short poems which uses completely deconstructed books of the bible as its source material. Having never read the bible but having pretty definitive opinions of christianity and christians I must say I am enjoying the project immensely. It can be followed live at #biblecutup as I find new hidden truths in that most holy of holies; The King James bible. Feel free to play along at home!

For a thorough overview of the methodology of the cut-up as well as it’s history click here.

Below is a cut-up of my cut-ups so far. Promises to be an ever evolving glorious mess. I’ll probably end up using it as a basis of a short story at some point, or at least a surreal epic poem.

The sorrowful king, he shall not understand.
Is poor yet not barren, sent language unto the sea
sure that his strife be wise, his tears reigneth;
the men mocketh;
“Behold! The broken spirit! The words married in dust, every day overwhelmed, it shall run abomination among the land!”
Bitterness shall not snare things. Remove he and rage, feasting of earth and vision.
Slay the adversary, fell the trees
the bound feet turned to devour the locust.
“Trust no meat,” putteth the thief.
No transgression is against time.
they told me

Violence and pleasure gives the folly of lovers strange and creeping words of the wild soul.
Lips drink the bruised heart because the horrible godthing rose to eat the people
feast for years upon every house, his hosts? The fathers
kill thine own children for they weepest upon the waters, have dismayed the morning, brough heads of discord in the house.
Let that word be dissembled by the elders.
Thy day numbered. Consider the dry sea and wilt.

Meat shall reign;
the mighty shall pass wind with the fat man and commit holy fire to the field.
Knowledge shall have destruction mingled with joy.
Strip the rebel heart of blood, it angers god, his head burnth away and that corrupted beauty in parts.
They shalt sit but talked not fine sacrifice
the rest turn over and wept unto the cherished idols.
Little came upon them, the pieces mingled with that lie.
Behold! ‘I’ is beaten, forsake ‘I’!
Lay down and the wind shall depart thee.

In her soulfire gave battle; spread wickedness to the innocent city.
Her voice turned lovers into smitten meat, pierced the towns.
Seek the eyes of children to spoil.
The woman came. Cut her heart for thee.
Transgressions borne among the father and daughter;
his last days shall be delivered by her.

So utterly done with the coast. Return to the city taken with the ending.

Know mercy. Took command. Sent spies down the valley.
Her fire hath died under the trees.

Oil thy bare flesh. Carnal noise and lewd wickedness in the blood.
Sin often. Is the pure high.
Behold, they made knowledge sweet, hadst words chosen provoke strange offering
pass like weeping angels upon thyself.
Stone the people.
No promise without captivity.
Drink of the honey flesh ’cause this kingdoms made of dead foundation;
sacrifices all of us without greatness.
Thine precept took away the world,
thou image write off under possible holy works.
Words spoken of heart, filled with time, thee dwelleth in silk with mine whoredom.
Must build before sons had taken place.
Burn forever, my sore lord, thy lips delight me.
Utterly marvelous I cometh;
desire is but the righteous.
Forget this nation,
help me fall right
in me, unto me,
this land shall perish.
This art of fire exalted.
Not mercy toward that enemy, I have eyes for him.
I see the lord in me. Down the mouth.