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Venetian Snares new track available on his myspace

Well the king of breakcore is back (sorta) after a hard drive failure.  It has a feel like Detrimentalist did, so if youre a fan of Venetian Snares you shouldnt be disappointed.

You can find it in the media player located in the media player on his myspace and  is called “Posers & Camera Phones”

new Venetian Snares track!!!


music makes the world keep turning

Been a while since there’s been any music up in this bitch. I’ve been meaning to write this semi-longish post all around the subject but obvious it ain’t writ so it ain’t here. I hope the video above, again cribbed from Dangerous Minds, will go some way towards redressing the balance. Life without music is like a bowling ball without a liquid centre, or something.


Caribou announced the release in April of their new album “Swim” today and released the above lead-off tune “Odessa” into the world. Main Caribou Dan Snaith is an absolute sonic master, dealing mainly in muted and worn textures. This song is somehow both awkward and hypnotic simultaneously, a subtle grower with lots of interesting little bits coming and going amid the repeated hooks galore.

To borrow palance from a certain point in UK youth culture: Choon!

note: If you know where that bowling ball line is from drop me a comment and I’ll give you a shout out of your choosing for your supreme awesomeness!

Graham Dunning – HypnoticNoisePixie

Or should that be HypnoticMachineElf?::::::::::::::::::::::::::

No Mind. Just close your eyes and breathe it in.

musical crush of the week

This is a bonus crush because I haven’t had time to post much and I gotta go into town looking for turkey. And an elf hat. Don’t ask.

It’s No Xmas for John Quays by The Fall, off their 1979 debut album Live from the Witch Trials. It’s to complement the last post.

musical crush of the week

this weeks crush is The Knife song Heartbeats.

and as a bonus below you can find Jose Gonzalez’s cover which featured in an advert in the uk and was alot more successful. I prefer the original myself.

This song is pure awesome!

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Warren Ellis » 8tracks: Little Deaths In The Snow

Because Warren Ellis has good taste in music. Player embeded on link page.

Warren Ellis » 8tracks: Little Deaths In The Snow.

musical ossum [vid]

musical crush of the week [mp3]

My musical crush for this week is Cyberjazz by A Guy Called Gerald from the album Black Secret Technology, not only because it’s an awesome little piece of drum and bass but also because, when i heard it yesterday with the volume turned way down it sounded like he was sampling Jimmy Hendrix riffs, cutting them up, and stitching them back together which struck me as an insanely genius thing to do!

If you dig it why not show some love and buy some stuff over at his online store?

musical crush of the week [mp3]

I’m totally crushing on this song at the moment. It’s the slits covering ‘heard it through the grapevine’. Enjoy!

Folk covers of punk songs

And why the hell not? Who wouldn’t want to listen to MP3s of folk covers of punk tracks? the ramones’ “I wanna be sedated”, The stooges “I wanna be your dog” and a whole lot more!

There’s beauty in punk music, I think – a dark and angry beauty, but a beauty nonetheless. And this beauty makes its way into the delicate and deliberate, too. The anger here isn’t gone, it’s merely transformed: into something tender, or more distant, depending on the artist’s choice of interpretation. The vulnerability of folk performance doesn’t so much bring new meaning to the songs as it does reveal the innermost secrets of its music and its society. The political is made personal. And so it goes, in the constant dance that is culture.

All Folked Up: The Punk Rock Collection, Vol. 1 folk covers of seminal first and second wave punk music — Cover Lay Down.

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